Pee-Controlled Urinal Games March on North American Sports Venues

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It was in November of 2011 that we reported on a urine-controlled video game system appearing in bars throughout the United Kingdom, courtesy of the cleverly-named Captive Media. Now North America is finally catching up to those progressive Brits (and the Japanese, of course), placing the first arguably hands-free game system in the most competitive environment of them all — the U.S. sports arena. And what better U.S. sports arena to start with than the Lehigh Valley IronPigs' Coca-Cola Park in Allentown, Pennsylvania.


I was born in Pennsylvania and had relatives in Allentown, so trust me when I say this is the most exciting thing that's ever happened there, and this is a town that had Billy Joel write a song about them. With the launch of the IronPigs' baseball season next week, male fans will be treated to mildly-exciting sensor-activated games upon approaching their favorite urinal (we all have favorites).

The games, a first for a North American sports venue, are aimed at raising awareness of prostate health.

"Baseball fans know all about RBI, ERA and OBP," said Angelo Baccala, MD, of Lehigh Valley Urology Specialty Care and chief of Lehigh Valley Health Network's division of urology. "But when it comes to their own PSA, many men don't have a clue. We see this game as a fun and unique opportunity to remind men about the importance of prostate health."

That's prostate-specific antigen, of course. I didn't have to look that up, but only because it was included in the source article.

With high scores recorded and broadcast across the park, I imagine there'll be quite a lot more beer being sold at IronPig home games this season.


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It's always been a hope of mine that one day my hometown, or somebody from my hometown, would do something so relevant to gaming that it would get a mention in my favorite game new outlets. Of course now that such an event has occurred, naturally its directly related to human waste. Good old Allentown represent.

So what do we have to distinguish us? 1) Piss video games, and 2) A song by Billy Joel about how awful it is to live here because no one can find meaningful work. So proud.

On a related note. Mike, I didn't know you had connections to the area. If you're ever in town visiting, lemme know. We can get together and play with Transformers. I'm sure my collection is nowhere as sweet as yours, but I do have Armada Unicron. :-P