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PC Gaming Getting New Crytek Engine (Time To Upgrade)

Illustration for article titled PC Gaming Getting New Crytek Engine (Time To Upgrade)

Still can't run Crysis at full settings? You're far from alone. You're also about to be left in technology's dust, as developers Crytek have announced a new game engine.


The successor to the company's current engine, CryENGINE 2 has been dubbed - wait for it - CryENGINE 3, and settles our questions over what that new logo was for. It also boasts that it's not only ready for the current generation of hardware - including, for the first time, PS3 & 360 - but the next generation as well, boasting of "scalable computation and graphics for all major upcoming platforms".


Sounds neat. Also sounds, knowing Crytek's track record for ridiculously inaccessible graphics settings, entirely plausible.

No pics or demo reels just yet; we'll have to wait until GDC in a couple of weeks for those.

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Where do they go from CryEngine 2? Photorealism? Yeesh. I love what Crytek can do, but can't they wait for the rest of the world to catch up?