PC Gamers, You Should Update Your Graphics Card Drivers This Week

It's been a big month for PC games, and things are about to get even bigger, so if you've been lazy and forgotten to update your graphics card drivers, you're going to want to fix that.


Between big games having issues (RAGE) and even bigger games just being...big (Battlefield 3), both AMD and Nvidia have released brand new drivers that boast big performance improvements for both those games and other upcoming titles like Batman: Arkham City.

For specifics on what's being improved/fixed, you can see AMD's 11.10v3 notes here, while Nvidia's 285.62 notes can be found here.


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My reaction within 60 seconds of loading up 64 player Conquest, running like butter, everything maxed.

The fidelity and insane graphical quality combined with the chaos that is 64 player Conquest just... makes your fucking brain explode.

Modern what?