PC Gamers Choose Their Favourite Mods From 2012

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I've already sounded off on what I thought were the best mods for 2012, but a second opinion is always welcome. And there's no more authoritative second opinion than the "Best Of" winners at mod specialist site ModDB.


In addition to an overall winner and awards for sub-categories, the site's community (the awards were determined by over 130,000 votes) even give a shout-out to the best improvements or support for older mods, for those who are still rocking older games like Battlefield 2.


Some of the winners include the creepy Half-Life mod Cry of Fear, Company of Heroes' wonderful Modern Combat mod and, in second spot, DayZ. Leaving Black Mesa to take out the overall award for best mod.

Mod of the Year [ModDB]


Mod of the Year 2012 - Mod DB

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Its tempting me to buy ARMA II :P