PC Gamers Can Now Download Battlefield 1942 for Free

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Sure, Battlefield 3 remains a big deal and Battlefield 4 is on its way, but fans who want to go back to where it all began will need to hop into Battlefield 1942.


The 2002 World War II-themed FPS launched a franchise that, between games and DLC, has had more than 20 releases in the last ten years. In honor of reaching that 10th anniversary, EA is making Battlefield 1942 available as a free download via their Origin service. The download includes the base game only, with no expansions. EA's FAQ says that mod support is "untested," but advises players where to go to talk through mod support on their own.


10th Anniversary: Download and play Battlefield 1942 for free! [Battlefield blog]

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Sam Mallory

There is no chance in hell. After trying to get me to pay out $150 on crap for BF3 (haha u allow people to pay to unlock all the weapons etc, exp pack, and original game which was super faulty for months even on my rig which comes directly from the Nvidia testers which used a reference 680 GTX), trying to get me to by MoH (horrible game that can be described as CoD mixed with army of 2), and then coming out with BF4 2 so soon instead of Battlefield 2143....ya not a chance