PC Game + Webcam Makes In-Game Upskirts Now Possible

It was only a matter of time. Erotic game Tech48 is using face tracking technology to let players do things like look at in-game heroines from various angles — that, and up their skirts.

Developed by eroge maker Teatime, the game uses a special webcam and face tracking software to locate players' faces. So when players move left to right, the in-gamer character follows them with her eyes.

We've seen technology used in gaming before. The erotic game spin? When players crouch down, it's possible for players to peek up the heroine's dress.

There's a YouTube clip which shows this groundbreaking technology in action. We're pretty sure if these developers had put their minds to things beside upskirts, they could be curing cancer or something.

Tech48 [Official Site NSFW via Asiajin]

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