PC Game Delayed In Australia Because...All The Boxes Got Wet

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Australia. Land of open spaces, beautiful beaches, dangerous animals and...storms that flood warehouses containing boxed copies of major upcoming video game releases.

As Kotaku Australia reports, severe storms in Sydney recently caused flooding in some areas, and one of those areas happened to contain the warehouse where Namco Bandai has their PC copies of Project CARS stashed. As a result, customers who had the game ordered on PC won’t be getting their copies on launch day.

The publisher told Kotaku AU:

During the recent heavy weather event in Sydney, our vendor partner’s warehouse and stock of Project Cars for PC were severely damaged.

Replacement stock is on the way, but unfortunately we can no longer receive stock early enough to ship the game for delivery on release day. Currently we are hoping to ship your order from our Distribution Centre on release day.


It’s not just the boxed PC copies that were affected, either; the game’s DLC codes (printed on paper) were ruined as well. So, yes, a storm caused physical damage to your ability to obtain digital goods.

Nevertheless, that’s some pretty speedy resupply on Namco Bandai’s part. The game’s due out here tomorrow, so a hold-up of only a day or two isn’t the worst, given the extraordinary circumstances.

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I’ve come to realize one thing in my 26 years....Australia does not like video games!