Last week Kotaku’s Nathan Grayson told us about PC Building Simulator, an indie game in which the nightmare of putting together a gaming PC follows us into the virtual world. This week I played the demo release, and it’s not nearly as difficult as it is in real life.

Having recently assembled, disassembled, then rebuilt with the CPU inserted correctly my own new gaming PC, I was eager to give Romanian indie developer Claudiu’s spare time project a try. If you’d like to give it a go yourself, the demo version is available now on the game’s official website.  

The demo is very bare bones, with just a tutorial level in place and no sound whatsoever. Still, it’s easy to see the potential in a game in which players can purchase whichever components they want and build their dream machine while playing on whatever they could cobble together once they got those silly dreams out of their heads.

There’s not much to screw up in the first build. It’s just the basics—standoffs, power supply, motherboard, cooler, hard drive, memory, video card and fans. Aside from the memory, which requires flipping the locks on the motherboard open before inserting, it’s all fairly straightforward. The only tricky bit comes when it’s cabling time, when you have to select which cable goes where from a drop-down menu.


Once you’re done you are free to move about the work environment as you see fit, looking at choice bits of scenery while imagining how big this game can get if just a few PC hardware makers hop on board to have their stuff licensed.

PC Building Simulator is off to an impressive start. I’m looking forward to seeing what else Claudiu brings to the work bench in the coming months.