Payday 3, Newest In Gaming's Best Heist Series, Shows Off Gameplay

The third entry in the acclaimed heist series will launch on Game Pass

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A guy is seen in full body armor and holding a grenade launcher on a street.
Image: Starbreeze Studios / Kotaku

As previously leaked, Payday 3 is coming out on September 21. News of this came during the Xbox Summer Game Fest showcase alongside a new trailer that coupled some cinematic elements with actual gameplay (a rarity at the Xbox show thus far).

In the trailer, you can see a heist going down and escalating into a hectic shootout, complete with a plethora of weapons, explosives, and what looked like an airstrike at one point. The game will launch on September 21 for PC and Xbox Series X/S on Game Pass, as well as on PlayStation 5.


Check out the trailer below:

Overkill Studios

The Payday series has been gone for a while, with Payday 2 launching a full decade ago in 2013 by the time Payday 3 comes out this year. Overkill Software did develop a mobile spin-off called Payday: Crime War that launched last year, but it’s been a minute since people were able to pull off the series’ heists on a console. Between the two games, Overkill Software also worked on a Walking Dead game simply titled Overkill’s The Walking Dead.


Payday 3 is coming over seven years after its initial announcement, which came in 2016 shortly after Overkill Software’s franchise was acquired by Starbreeze Studios that year. Starbreeze paid over $30 million for the series, and then Plaion added another €50 million to help out with the game’s development. Here’s hoping after all this waiting Payday 3 is what fans were waiting for.

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