Pay Street Fighter Champ Money To Kick Your Butt

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Daigo Umehara is a world class champ. You? You might be a world class chump.

Gamers in Kuwait apparently have a chance to go one-on-one with Daigo. According to website Lucky Generation Gamers Podcast, the top Street Fighter player will be in Kuwait for the "Umehara Daigo Exhibition" at White Tower, a well-known arcade in Kuwait, on November 26. The event will feature a Q&A, a Daigo Challenge and more.


It costs 10kd (US$35) to enter and 5kd ($18) to play Daigo in a match — make that, to lose to him in a match.

Daigo is one of the most well-known fighting game players. I once interviewed him as he nonchalantly blazed through Street Fighter II. He's quite good. For those planning on entering, you might want to check out his fighting game tips.


Daigo Umehara Coming To Kuwait!دايجو سيقاتل بالكويت – Lucky Generation Gamers Podcast [LGGP Thanks, Snake-87!]

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There IS a SFIV scene in Kuwait, so there's definitely a chance that there'd be some competent players stepping up to bat that could take two or three rounds from him.