Pay Nothing, Get Mechwarrior 4

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Because there's a new Mechwarrior game on the horizon, people will for the first time in years have Mechwarrior on the brain. To help you get your fix, then, Mechwarrior 4 is going to be re-released. For free.


Yup, all you have to do is wait a bit (it's not out yet), head over to and you can grab the game (along with its expansions) for nothing. Squat. SQUAT.

How it holds up after all these years is anyone's guess (I'd given up on the series long before it hit a fourth instalment), but hey, it's free. No word on just when it'll be released, but we're promised it'll be "soon".


Now that, my friends, is a deal. I haven't played a MechWarrior game since MW2, but I might give this a try on my roommate's computer if they launch it before I move out.