New Mechwarrior Game Confirmed, Will Reboot Series

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Surprise, Mechwarrior fans! That teaser from yesterday was indeed for a new Mechwarrior title, which is in development at Piranha Games, who worked on the latest Transformers title.


So at least you know they have experience with giant robots! Then again, it also means they have experience with making crummy games based on giant robots.


Though, let's give them the benefit of the doubt on this one. They only helped develop Revenge of the Fallen. And being a movie tie-in, it had a deadline to meet. Something they won't have to worry about with Mechwarrior, what with Battletech being 25 years old and all.

This new game is called simply MechWarrior, and will serve as a reboot of sorts for the franchise. You'll still be piloting mechs, but the developers reckon that current console technology will for the first time let you feel like you're really behind the sticks of a giant fighting robot.

They're also shooting for a "dynamic battlefield", and rather than feature a food chain of mechs, instead want to let players choose a style of mech and then upgrade that to suit their tastes as they progress through the game.

MechWarrior is coming to the PC and Xbox 360, with no details yet on either a publisher or a release timeframe.


To see the full debut trailer, click below. Looks like GRAW with giant robots. Which is a real good place to start.

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Being a big fan of the MW series, this is the best thing I've seen all month. The trailer is amazing — reminds me of the intro from MW3. I hope they don't go and simplify it like the MechAssault series — Gimme full-keyboard! I absolutely cannot wait, I hope they don't ruin it somehow.

I am a little sad that it takes place before the Clan invasion. I guess this means we won't be seeing [m]any OmniMechs around.