PAX Road Trip: The Washington Edition

To: Ash From: Crecente Re: Overpaying for Real Bacon, Simply Put, Sucks Funny thing, whenever I write road trip I think of a Talking Heads song. Today's trip was pretty uneventful. As is almost always the case poor Trish got stuck with doing the driving as I sat shotgun and blogged via cell. I was excited to spot a genuine muffler man in Idaho, but my enthusiasm for the giant piece of roadside americana was not shared. Trish did get a pretty good laugh when I told her that there was a Church of God in Zilla, Washington. No lie! She thinks I would convert if we lived there. She's totally right. Now that we're in Seattle it's time to prep for PAX, it starts tomorrow afternoon. What you missed: All things PAX Lego Batman Cartoon In The Works Man Gets Face Full of Brass Knuckles Over PS3 Line Rider Brings Web Downloads to DS and Wii Team Ico's PS3 Game Ready 'Soon', but not by Tokyo Game Show


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