PAX Is Our Next Event

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Where in the world is Kotaku headed next? With half of our team back from Germany and Gamescom 2010 we will stay put only briefly. Next week, we hit PAX in Seattle. Specifically, I will be hitting PAX.


The show starts a week from Friday on September 3 and runs through Sunday.

Will I find Duke Nukem Forever at PAX?


Hard to say!

I'm sure I'll at least find Insomniac, who, according to the official PAX Prime schedule, will be showing their next game. Ratchet & Clank All 4 One, presumably.

Those Insomniac people's Saturday evening panel not only runs against Wil Wheaton's always well-attended talk but also against this nonsense:

Saturday, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM, Unicorn Theatre
Canon Fodder is back!

PAX East was only the beginning. Canon Fodder is back! What are the 10 best video games ever made? At PAX East, former journalism peers and eternal game-arguing rivals N'Gai Croal (Hit Detection) and Stephen Totilo (Kotaku), introduced their semi-ridiculous and fully-entertaining interactive method for choosing the 10 best games of all time. Yes, they made a game out of choosing the 10 best games of all time. The list changed more than a dozen times at PAX East based on decisions made by some of gaming's top creators. At PAX Prime, that list will change again during our Canon Fodder phase two, thanks to input from a whole new batch of gaming stars. There's still a chance to get Majora's Mask on top, unless N'Gai has anything to say about it.

Panelists include: N'Gai Croal [Hit Detection], Stephen Totilo [Kotaku]

I know which one of those I'll be attending!

PAX is open to the public, which means that they will not just let anyone in, but they will let anyone pose in your photos, no matter how untanned they may be.

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PAX events are well-attended. Tens of thousands of gamers show up, as do both big game publishers and the little guys. So maybe I'll check out LucasArts or the new panel showing more of the LEGO MMO. But I'll also swing by the booth where two guys will be showing their two games, SpyParty and Monaco, both excellent indies.

What will the mysterious Square Enix Friday night panel include? Will anyone allegedly try to steal someone's game code from their booth? Is Hoard going to be cool? Will anyone show up at my Saturday panel other than N'Gai?


These mysteries will be solved at the Penny Arcade Expo next week.

If you plan to attend, consult the show's full schedule to figure out how you will spend your days.

Penny Arcade Expo schedule [PIC]

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I know Gamescon is over and all, but can you at least provide us a reason as to why there have been not even a mention of the Guild Wars 2 news that came out of the show?

I hope this isn't a foreshadow into your coverage for PAX as well.