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PAX, IndieCade Will Now See Your Indie Games

Illustration for article titled PAX, IndieCade Will Now See Your Indie Games

Penny Arcade Expo has officially opened the PAX 10 Indie Game competition to submissions in the same time frame that IndieCade has opened their second annual indie game competition.


Both competitions invite unpublished indie developers to bring any kind of game they'd care to develop to the table — shooters, casual, puzzle or whatever. PAX requires that the game at least be in beta and not require any third party software installation to run the game (with some exceptions). IndieCade is a little more chill, allowing mods or software installs — and their only "level of completeness" requirement is one playable level.

The payoff, though, is where it is for many indie game developers. PAX 10 arguably has more prestige (and you get four free passes to the expo), but IndieCade has the more "serious business" ring to it. Still — neither rule set says you can't submit your game to both, so what are you waiting for?


The submission deadline for PAX 10 is May 9 and IndieCade is midnight on April 30.

The PAX 10 Is Open For Submissions [PennyArcade]
IndieCade: The International Festival of Independent Games 09 [IndieCade]

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8 bit is:

Speaking of indie games, I haven't seen much news about that wiiware cavestory port. I PRAY that it is still in production; to here the title music of cave story on a Nintendo Console (while holding a club nintendo super nintendo controller) would be pure and utter gaming bliss.