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The full schedule for the 2009 Penny Arcade Expo has been posted on the PAX website, featuring 43 hours of programming, all over the course of three days, all for you.

It looks like Totillo and I are going to have our hands full when we drop in on PAX 2009 September 4th through the 6th in Seattle. Between the 43 hours of programmed events, interviews, appointments, concerts, and parties, I should be dead by early Saturday morning. Stephen will surely soldier on, however, bringing you coverage of everything from Friday's keynote speech from industry legend Ron Gilbert, to Sunday's flying over the country in the middle of the night, drooling on the passenger next to us.


Other highlights include the annual Rooster Teeth Red VS. Blue panel, the Pitch Your Game Idea panel, and Wil Wheaton presents: THE AWESOME HOUR!!1, in which Wil Wheaton talks about stuff for an hour. I'm betting he talks about stuff for an hour a great deal, only this time there'll be more chairs.

Check out the full schedule over at the PAX website to see if there is anything you'd like us to cover.

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