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A big fuss was made of the mere fact Paul & Ringo were at Microsoft's E3 presser, but less fuss was made of the fact they looked awkward and out of place. Almost as if they couldn't give a shit.

Now, that may be true, it may not be true, we'll probably never know. But when you hear Paul McCartney say stuff like this, well...

I haven't, actually [played it]. I'm kind of, you know, looking forward to playing it. My excuse is, I play guitar. I was on the real record. So the idea of pushing buttons and things in time is kind of slightly intriguing for me, but it's actually more interesting to do a show like this...[gestures towards crowd at concert].

You mean over the past 18 months nobody ever put a controller in his hand? Must be a generational thing, because if somebody was making a game based on, well, me, I'd want to at least have a go.

How the Beatles got ready to conquer the world - again [The Observer]

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