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It's been almost seven months since Far Cry 2 hit the shelves, scoring all kinds of crazy-good reviews, but according to GamesRadar, the game is still crazy-broken.

The four page article "Warning" Far Cry 2 is still a broken game" details the chronology of the game's issues from the first reports of crashes to the promised patches in the Far Cry 2 forums. In addition to the the numerous and apologetic posts from Ubi officials in the forum threads, it also has the latest "update" on the forthcoming patch:

April 1
Community Developer Atmon did respond to a private inquiry of ours, stating
"An update is still on track with several new features and enhancements, as well as fixes like any good big patches."


It may sound like a lot of whining, but the piece does raise some good points. Why wouldn't Ubi correct game-breaking bugs within weeks of the release instead of waiting more than half a year? And why not reach out to customers with more than just a paltry price drop?

Still, I don't know that I'd go so far as to speculate that they'll charge users for the new patch:

Actually, this release leads us to think that Ubisoft may plan on charging for the update.

But what do I know? I'm the kind of sucker that would have bought the game based on the shiny reviews that don't mention the bugs.

Warning: Far Cry 2 is still a broken game [GamesRadar]

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I know they won't do it, and in fact it'll probably be impossible to change, but maybe take the distance based spawning and either double/triple the respawn line, or turn it two a 24 hour kind of thing.

It's not THAT annoying, but when the safe house you need to get to is boxed in by some guard posts and a major enemy base, it's kind of a bitch.