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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Passionate Suikoden Fans Are Swarming Konami's Facebook Page

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A whole bunch of people who really love Suikoden are spamming Konami's Facebook page to show how much they care.

It's an organized campaign started by the ever-growing Suikoden Revival Movement, a Facebook group started to unite fans of the classic RPG series, which Konami seems to have abandoned in North America and Europe.


The Revival Movement asks their members to head to Konami's Facebook wall and write that they'd like to see Suikoden and Suikoden II, the first two games in the series, released for digital distribution worldwide. It's a lovely goal. Here's hoping Konami listens.

This movement's growth has been quite impressive. Just a few months ago, when I first wrote about Suikoden superfan Chris Holmes and his avid campaigning, their group had around 200 people. Now it's close to 7,000.


Here's a sample of their work so far:

Keep it up, Suikoden fans. Let your voices be heard, etc. I don't know that Konami will listen, but hey, their loss.