Party For Child's Play, Maybe Win Awesome Brick Bald Bull

We're a week away from the second annual Denver Funde Razor.

As with last year's, this year's will feature a bevy of beautiful door prizes made up of the schwag sent my way from companies over the year. Also we've got a number of pretty amazing donations that we'll be handing out to lucky winners.


Among the list? A still-in-the-box retail Xbox 360, a Gears of War Zune and these, these magnificent LEGO creations. These amazing LEGO designs come from Cliff and company over at NetDevil who, between bouts of designing LEGO Universe, managed to find time to create 8-bit art for charity.

Bald Bull and Sonic on the jump. I'll be posting a mega picture of all of the giveaway goodies early next week, so stay tuned.

If you plan on coming to any of the events, hit the details up here.


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