Papa Smurf Is Not Amused By Your Sweatshop Tactics

Last week famed indie-developer Jenova Chen explained how to cheat your way through iGame Smurf Village. This week Papa Smurf caught wind of the underhandedness. He was not amused.

Sometime after our article ran about Smurfing your way to a perfect Smurf village on the iPhone or iPad, Capcom got wise and released a new "winter wonderland update." They also apparently tipped off Papa Smurf about the cheating.


Those of us who used the clock cheat to turn their Smurf Village into a white and blue sweatshop were greeted with a message from the big man himself when they logged back in.

Papa Smurf's smiling face is backed by the threat of an all-out Smurf union strike: "I'm disappointed that you've been overworking the Smurfs by changing the clock," he writes in a pop-up window in the game. "Careful, or Smurfs will leave the village."

What's next Papa? An accidental fire? Maybe Smurfs get a little clumsy, literally, like Clumsy Smurf, and things start to break? Just don't ask me to buy Smurf protection with Smurf Berries. It's not Smurfing happening.


A word to the wise. Don't download that winter update until you've had your fill of exploiting Smurfs with long hours and no pay.

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