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Pandas are coming to Minecraft. Pandas are coming to Minecraft! Pandas! Are! Coming! To! Minecraft! They were revealed in a Minecon World stream today, and they are “lazy and playful.” They will appear in the holiday update coming to Minecraft later this year.


I've played all of the Baldur's Gate games.

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I wish I still found Minecraft as joyful and fulfilling as I did back in the day. Unfortunately, these days a few things get in the way of my enjoying it.

First up, the situation I personally call “Oblivion Syndrome” - where you get the urge to play a beloved old game like The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, install it, create a character, get through the starting area / tutorial, and finally get out into the wide open world full of adventure and possibility... and then have the overwhelming feeling hit you that no matter which direction you choose to go, you’ve already explored it and seen it all. Even if that’s not strictly true, the sensation of overwhelming familiarity and subsequent boredom and ennui is paralyzing, and you end up playing a few minutes, quit, and uninstall.

Second, the difficulty of finding good servers for multiplayer. Minecraft played entirely solo can be a very isolating, lonely experience. The world can start to feel empty, and your choices start to feel meaningless.

But whenever I try to play online with other people, invariably I struggle to find a server that both 1) suits my tastes in aesthetic, community, gamplay, et cetera, and 2) isn’t absurdly exclusive and insular. I either find servers that allow everybody to join and consequently are chaotic messes full of ugly, discordant blobs of poorly planned buildings plagued by griefers and idiots; or I find more closed off servers that seem of decent quality and community, but they’re wildly restrictive in their applications, and you need to apply and jump through a bunch of hoops and wait a month to hear back, and then even if you get accepted they’ll boot you from the whitelist if you take a break from playing for a couple of weeks or more.

And third, an admittedly weird issue that I suspect most people don’t have - I just get depressed by the way Mojang imploded under the weight of its own unexpected success, with Minecraft growing beyond their control and ultimately destroying a lot of the lives of the people who built it. Minecraft overall just bums me out because it was such a good, genuine thing built from love and hard work, and it all went to shit because the fandom grew too large and demanding and unmanageable, with no one person really being at fault.