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Paladins Free Open Beta Launches On Consoles

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Hi-Rez Studio’s hero shooter caught some flak last year for looking and feeling a lot like Overwatch, but it’s still managed to maintain a healthy presence on Steam’s most-played games list. We’ll see if the trend continues as Paladins launches into free open beta on PS4 and Xbox One.

The closed beta is over, and now everybody can jump in, dressing up fantasy heroes, customizing them with card-based powers and sending them off to die over and over again, and for what? Contesting points? Escorting payloads? Those poor people. Watch them hurt each other for our amusement.

To celebrate the open beta launch, Hi-Rez Studios has released a cinematic trailer in which the character that looks a lot like a World of Warcraft goblin in a mech chases after a unit of in-game currency. I am not sure I get the message they are trying to send.

It’s a pretty fun game, really, and though it shares similarities with othr games, it’s got its own vibe going and is worth checking out. The game is available as a free download on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with Founder’s Packs which unlock every champion that will ever be added to the game for $19.99.


As for the whole looking like Overwatch thing, don’t get so stressed. It also looks like Battleborn.