PAL Regions Get Uncharted Trophy Patch

The promised 1.01 patch for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune has hit the decidedly charted PAL regions of the world, unlocking PlayStation 3 trophy support for one of the console's greatest titles. The patch, which weighs in at a modest 13 megs, unlocks 47 trophies that coincide with the achievements already built into the game, along with a 48th platinum trophy for unlocking all of the other trophies. Already unlocked all of the game's achievements? Well start a new game and unlock them again, as they won't be applied retroactively due to cheating concerns.

Right now the patch is only showing up in PAL territories, though we're certain a North American release can't be too far behind. AHA! Err, UPDATE: Now available in the states!


Uncharted trophies patch released for PAL territories [PSU]

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