PAL PlayStation Store Update: Parity

Look at the North American PlayStation Store update. Go on, take a good look at it. Now look at this European one. Aside from the obligatory absence of timely Rock Band content, can you see much of a difference? At least in the important stuff? Don't bother, there isn't one. The Last Guy is there. The Warhawk pack is there. Heck, the PAL store even gets a few extras, like Medal of Honour Heroes 2 on PSP. Not often you see this kind of parity between the stores, PAL users, so be sure to make the most of it!

PS3 store Game Buzz!™ Junior Jungle Party, £3.49 The Last Guy, £4.99 Demo The Last Guy Asakusa Level, FREE NHL 09, FREE Packs Warhawk - Operation Fallen Star Pack, £3.99 Videos HAWX Trailer, FREE Far Cry 2 - E3 trailer, FREE The Last Guy Launch Trailer, FREE PS3 Platinum TV Ad, FREE Super Stardust HD top tips solo trailer, FREE Super Stardust HD™ top tips arcade trailer, FREE Wallpapers The Last Guy, FREE Theme Graffiti, FREE PSP content available to download via PS3 Console store Game Medal of Honor Heros 2, £14.99 Demo Pipe Mania, FREE PSP STORE Game Medal of Honor Heroes 2, £14.99 Demo Pipe Mania, FREE In Game Fallen Star Booster Pack, £3.99


PSN Store Update [Three Speech]

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