Motherboard has the interesting, if also slightly hilarious, story of how Facebook fear-mongers and viral hoax merchants are spreading the tale of an iOS app that pervs on young kids.

The app is called Talking Angela, and right now it's on top of the App Store charts. There's not much to it; you get a talking cat which you can interact with either by touching or talking.


But spurred on by an update, a 2013 hoax has come back with a vengeance, claiming that the game is run by paedophiles, and that somehow, the eyes of the cat on the screen are actually cameras. Even though they are on a screen that does not have a camera underneath it.

The app's developers are bemused by all the attention, and realise that because like so many other scare campaigns on Facebook, the hoax is viral, so there's not much they can do about it. Except maybe wonder what the hell is wrong with people.

So a Paedophile Hoax Sent Your Kids' App to the Top of the App Store [Motherboard]

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