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Pac-Man with David Bowie or Mega Man in His Underwear? Tough Choice!

Illustration for article titled emPac-Man/em with David Bowie or emMega Man/em in His Underwear? Tough Choice!

Some days it's just not safe to surf one-a-day online t-shirt shops. Between Ript's brilliant Pac-Man / Labyrinth combo and TeeFury's Mega Man morning routine... well, I am buying two t-shirts.


Technically three t-shirts, as I couldn't resist picking up one of the Mega Man shirts, designed by artist Michael Myers Jr., for the mother of my children. You might have seen Michael's work right here a few hours ago. This looks like a Mega Man take on the Mario's Closet piece that circulated a few years back, only cooler because a robot boy is involved. It's available today and today only at TeeFury.


Meanwhile at Ript, artist Riccardo Bucchioni places Pac-Man in the strangest maze he's ever seen, complete with David Bowie as the creepy guy with the massive package. It's almost better than a t-shirt that's just a close-up of Jareth the Goblin King's crotch. Almost. Grab a t-shirt, hoodie, or onesie featuring Riccardo's glorious design today at Ript or lose it forever.

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Paradox me

What's he have to get dressed for? He's unemployed. :P