'Pac-Man Meets Trials HD'

Radiangames is the most astounding indie developer on the Xbox 360, progressing from making a pretty Geometry Wars clone in May to pumping out three lovely and unusual new shooters since then. Now we get "Fluid."


Radiangames' Luke Schneider describes Fluid as "Pac-Man meets Trials HD," which made no sense until the trailer started playing. Looks good!

You can download the $1 game from the Xbox 360's Indie Games Channel, where it launched yesterday after passing peer review.


The new game follows May's Geometry Wars-esque Joy Joy, July's tops-turvy shooter Crossfire, and September's twin-stick shooter / action-RPG Inferno. Each for a buck, including Fluid.

Impressive, Radiangames. Keep it up.

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My brain hasn't woken up yet this morning... the game looks awesome but I don't see how it links to Trials HD... can someone smarter fill me in? :-)