The first class of inductees of the International Video Game Hall of Fame, at Ottumwa, Iowa included 28 real people - and one video game character. Here is Pac-Man's enshrinement during Saturday's ceremony, with a Namco representative accepting the award.

Good thing Pac got a plaque and not something like a sportscoat; I'd hate to think of him doing like NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin, wearing it for two days straight, including while gettin' it on with Ms. Pac-Man.


Speaking of the Ms., Iowa Lt. Gov. Patty Judge attended the ceremonies and noted that "As the state's highest-ranking woman in elected office, I must say I'm hopeful Ms. Pac-Man will get her due here in Ottumwa one day as well, and I look forward to that celebration."

The full list of honorees can be seen here.

[via GamePolitics]

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