Overwatch's Winston, As A Gorilla-Sized PC Case

Photo by Jason Schreier.
Photo by Jason Schreier.

Why build a massive PC case out of Overwatch’s bespectacled, science-tastic simian? Alternative question: why not?


The build, which was on display at E3 this week, was given life by the tech warlocks at PCJunkieMods. They even made videos chronicling the process:

It’s a damn impressive piece of work. What if there’s more to it, though? What if it hints at an unrevealed truth to Winston’s nature. Perhaps he’s not merely a hyper-intelligent science ape from space. Perhaps he’s also a high-end gaming PC. That would explain his preposterous wattage usage, not to mention his penchant for turning red and overheating.

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Veras Gunn

I feel like Bastion would have been easier and probably better looking. I mean, it’s a great job, but it feels like an odd choice, and the face doesn’t quite have that Overwatch feel to it.