Overwatch's New Hero Is Baptiste, A Haitian Combat Medic

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After much teasing over the past week, Blizzard has revealed Overwatch’s newest hero. His name is Baptiste, and he’s a combat medic fighting for a better world. “For some, that means a bandage,” he says in his origin story video. “For others, a bullet.”

Jean-Baptiste Augustin grew up as one of 30 million orphaned children during Overwatch’s much-talked about Omnic Crisis. He implies that he had to “steal or starve, kill or be killed” when he was younger, to the point of joining the game’s de facto bad guy faction, Talon. At some point, however, it seems he had a change of heart and left. Talon, a teaser released last week revealed, is not happy about this.


For now, Blizzard says Baptiste is “coming soon.” Given the speed at which these things usually unfold, that means he’ll probably be on the PC public test server before long.

Update 2/26/19 2:30 PM - And now he is!

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Oof. Black but not female. That's going to piss some people off