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Overwatch Ships Are All About Filling In The Blanks

Illustration for article titled iOverwatch/i Ships Are All About Filling In The Blanks

Ever since Brigitte was introduced as a new hero for Overwatch, some fans have been excitedly shipping her with, in a pairing called Mekamechanic. We don’t know a lot about Brigitte, but that’s part of what makes this pairing work: Fans can just make it up as they go along.


While some ships are accompanied by textual analysis or fan theories, a lot of the time it just comes down to people saying, “Wouldn’t it be hot if these two characters kissed?” It doesn’t even have to go that far—sometimes the idea of two characters having a funny or cute conversation can inspire fans to make art or write fic. This is especially true in a game like Overwatch, where there’s not a lot of text to draw inspiration from and the fandom has to base its works on a few voice lines, animated shorts and comics. When something tickles the community’s fancy, they more or less have carte blanche to do whatever the hell they want. This is what makes ships like Mekamechanic, the pairing of Brigitte and, possible.

Mekamechanic is based on a simple premise. One of them is a mechanic, the other one has a mech. That’s it. It doesn’t need to be more than that, and we don’t actually know a whole hell of a lot about and Brigitte anyway. Fans have no idea if Brigitte and have even interacted, but given their professions, it sounds like they’re about to have meet cute in a romantic comedy. The fics write themselves. Imagine, brings her meka in for repairs and sees Brigitte, pretty even with grease on her face, and it’s like time stops….


The fandom has been just as taken as I have by Mekamechanic. This post, based on a flirty conversation idea that a fan posted to tumblr, has been reblogged over 40,000 times.

From there you can see how fandom has started to characterize this relationship. The speculation and fanart is centered around awkward flirting, with each girl not really realizing that the other has a crush on them. It’s an adorable, fumbling relationship of two young people trying to figure themselves out.


A lot of the art plays up Brigitte’s apparent love of cats, given that D.Va has a skin where she wears cat ears.


Just as much as the art, I’ve been enjoying the Mekamechanic aesthetics posts. These are like mood boards, meant to give you a taste for the vibe of a particular mood, setting or pairing. Mekamechanic aesthetics posts pair oily gears and pastel pink, creating a mood that feels feminine in that Sandra-Bullock-before-she-takes-off-her-glasses kind of way. There are a few of these, but this is my favorite iteration on the theme:


So far, Mekamechanic is more like a writing prompt than an actual relationship, That’s what makes fandom so fun, though. There are a lot of really creative people who love Overwatch who are willing to build out these two characters just because it might be cute if they kissed. Plus, Brigitte and are next to each other on the character select screen. They’re meant to be.

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While I do adore any and all ship content (especially Bastion, who fucks), I do hope the next Uprising event and cycle of comics/animated shorts add more lore to those who need stuff, and moves the story forward.

Kaplan made a not-subtle hint that Reaper would be a central figure in something very soon (Talon-centric Uprising event?), but I hope they also add stuff for Zen and D.Va.