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Overwatch Pro Lands The Dream Charge

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Muma may have lost, but he won the hearts of many a Reinhardt in last night’s game against the New York Excelsior with one incredible charge.

In last night’s match against the NYXL, Austin “Muma” Wilmot was leading the charge as the ironclad Reinhardt. Seeing enough of the New York players clumped up, Muma dropped the hammer and Earthshattered them into the ground. New York’s Bang “JJonak” Sung-Hyeon responded by leaping to his team’s aid and activating Zenyatta’s ultimate, which grants super-powered healing to nearby allies and makes Zenyatta immune to damage.


Normally, this might be when the Outlaws back off and wait a few moments for the Zen ultimate to wear off. But Muma saw an opening and slammed the charge button, landing a clutch kill on immune Zenyatta the only way he could: dropping him into a bottomless pit.


By angling it just right, Muma drops JJonak into the bottomless pit beneath the last point of King’s Row without putting himself at risk of falling. As JJonak plummets to his doom, immune to weapons but not the infinite depths resting below an Overwatch map, Muma gives a little wave goodbye.

This technique was also shown off two weeks ago, when Dallas Fuel player Christian “cocco” Jonsson used it in a very similar situation during a public Twitch stream.

The Outlaws suffered a crushing 4-0 defeat at the hands of the XL, but Muma can still celebrate one moment of brilliant ownage, further proof that he’s easily one of the best tank players in the league.