A lot of people think winning an Overwatch match is about coordination, acumen and skill, when actually, with just a little imagination, it can be about two Torbjorns hammering each other to death.


TheBeginS queued up for a normal Quick Play match the other day that, by the end, was neck-and-neck. Three minutes before the clock ran out, the enemy Roadhog, who was flanking, snuck onto the point. Then, surprising everyone, he sat down. The Hanzo on TheBeginS’s team opted to joined him, sitting nearby. The high-tension game devolved into a deep chill, with everyone just sort of hanging out.

Of course, the game would need to resolve. Over “All” chat, the teams found a fair way to measure each team’s skill without actually doing the team fight thing: A 1 vs. 1 Torbjorn-off. Each Roadhog switched to the ridiculous tiny engineer man, and at TheBeginS’s count, hammered each other to a pulp. “I went sitting down as Tracer because I wanted to sit for a good fight,” he told Kotaku:

via TheBeginS

Thirty seconds in, the victor was determined. But it was a bittersweet win: Everybody knows that the real loser is whoever picks Torbjorn on attack.

Senior reporter at Kotaku.

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