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Overwatch Players Are Making Ridiculous Custom Game Modes

Illustration for article titled iOverwatch /iPlayers Are Making Ridiculous Custom Game Modes

Overwatch’s PTR just got a bunch of new custom game options, and people are using them in responsible, measured ways to— just kidding. They’re turning the game into a dang Bugs Bunny cartoon.


The new custom game options allow players to boost movement speed, remove cooldowns, change team sizes, ban heroes, and alter all sorts of other values. That’s already resulted in a handful of cool ideas. Also, a whole lot of chaos.

First up, Dartjuk’s Predator mode looks terrifying:

Mirmon’s zombie mode, which pits three Soldier 76s against six Reinhardts with no cooldowns, seems equally tense:

Alber came across a mode that’s all speed-boosted Genjis. It’s called Pro Genji Simulator, aka Hell:

AlexACE’s Juggernaut mode—endless super fast Mercys vs a lone Roadhog—is like watching an elephant fight an army of Sonic The Hedgehogs:

Counter-Strike inspired surf maps have quickly become a consistent theme. Here’s Eichenwalde from iPNow:


And here’s Hanamura from MarioEmporium:

Naturally, then, it follows that Lucio Racing is gonna be The Next Big Thing (via MXC14):


You know that Genji mode I said was hell earlier? I take it back. This high noon horror show from dankstreme is True Hell:

People have also been sharing some pretty cool ideas, if you want to give them a try yourself. Here are just a few:

All this, and the new custom options have only been live on the PTR for a couple days. I imagine things will only spiral further out of control once the server browser hits live servers.

Kotaku senior reporter. Beats: Twitch, streaming, PC gaming. Writing a book about streamers tentatively titled "STREAMERS" to be published by Atria/Simon & Schuster in the future.

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I have absolutely, completely no interest or desire to engage in any of these custom modes, honestly. I hope it doesn’t completely ruin Overwatch for me. I appreciate people wanting something like his, but I’m afraid it will make for even worse competitive players and will make the normal modes “boring” to people thus making them less likely to actually play well in them or at all.