Those poor Roadhogs. They trusted you!

Pvthazard figured out that Overwatch’s new map, Oasis, has a bug where if you shoot a Roadhog while he’s hooking you, the hook won’t retract. Upon realizing this, Pvthazard did what any sensible person would: they spawned a team of NPC Roadhogs and got hooked by every single one, creating a cute little team of clueless computer pals.

Look at them all! Their vacuous eye holes are so full of hope and trust. So beautiful, so pure.


What Pvthazard did next, however, I simply cannot, in good conscience, condone. With the Roadhogs essentially on leashes, Pvthazard used D.Va to trot out into traffic. You can probably see where this is going. The Roadhogs skipped merrily (or at least, as merry as Roadhogs can be) into inevitable road pizza doom.

All the while, Pvthazard soared above the action, safely out of harm’s way. A couple Roadhogs shot at them, as if in defiance, but it made little difference. Death stops for no man, nor does it pull over.

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