Overwatch Player Uses Doomfist To Obliterate Pharah And Mercy From Orbit

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Doomfist may not be able to fly, but he sure can fall with style.

Even in the techno-magical cartoon world of Overwatch, what goes up must come down. Player wahw_ow, however, decided that the laws of gravity needed assistance in grounding a pesky Pharah/Mercy combo, and, in the heat of a gridlocked team fight on Lijiang Tower, they thought of the perfect way to help.


They use Doomfist’s ult not to crash down on nearby enemies, but rather to catapult themselves all the way to the top of the tower, an area that players normally never touch. From there, they launch themselves at Pharah and Mercy, timing a punch combo perfectly to interrupt a meteoric descent that otherwise would have spelled their own doom. After dispatching Pharah and Mercy with a handful of well-placed shots, they then punch their way back to safe land. All of that happens in mere seconds. A masterpiece.


It’s such a good play that even Chipsa, considered the best Doomfist player in the world by some, was impressed.

“Holy fucking shit, dude,” said Chipsa after seeing the clip. My thoughts exactly.

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Man I wish this game would have proper co-op mode so I could play it a bit more. Not really into PVP.