Overwatch Player Shoutcasts During His Own Matches

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Plenty of Overwatch players do commentary over matches they’re streaming, but TheUnsteady has the voice of an angel... who ate an eSports commentator. He’s become notorious for suddenly shoutcasting in the middle of matches he’s playing. Funny thing is, he’s so good that people tend to stop talking and just listen.


It’s pretty amazing. One second, everybody’s playing normally, and the next they have what sounds like an authentic shoutcaster narrating their every move, usually during POTGs. They say that once every thousand years, a single person is possessed by the true spirit of Man Who Talks Over Video Games. Perhaps TheUnsteady is that person.

Here he is doing it over his own POTG in a game recorded by Ohdeer Lawdy:

I love that it’s not even a good POTG. “He’s gonna go straight in with Transcendence,” shouts TheUnsteady with perfectly feigned childlike enthusiasm. “Is it necessary? 100 percent not! That was not worth Play of the Game! But we all got to sit down and witness it.”


And here he is absolutely losing his shit over a Winston POTM in a match recorded by Sexual Chocolate:

Finally, you can see what he describes as his “most ridiculous” mid-match shoutcasting moment ever at 00:11:45 of this clip. By the end, I’m pretty sure he’s not even using words anymore.

TheUnsteady streams, so there’s ample footage of him hamming it up. He’s also just a generally nice, fun-to-watch streamer. Check out his channel here.

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This, and the people who use proper military jargon in Battlefield games, are a fucking treasure. I really hope to play with someone like this someday.