Image credit: D.J. Kirkland

According to Overwatch’s story, Hana Song used to be a professional StarCraft 2 player. That’s DVA’s entire schtick, really: she’s a big gamer. Fans have run with that premise, and taken it to its logical (and somehow adorable) conclusion.

You know what the stereotype about gamers is by now, right? That we like to eat shit like Doritos, Cheetohs, and drink Mountain Dew? Well, that’s exactly how Overwatch fans are drawing DVA, as the embodiment of an old nerd stereotype.


More specifically, fans are drawing DVA as a sort of chibified, cherubic little kid. This new alternate version of Song has been crowned “Gremlin DVA,” because the idea is that she is actually a grubby little monster who only lives for junk food. In the abstract, that probably sounds gross, right? But it doesn’t really seem like anyone is outright shitting on DVA, or gamers for that matter. It’s just people having fun with the character, gently poking fun at her, while also fleshing out what she might be like outside of battle. Like I said in my review, a big part of Overwatch’s appeal is the way the characters seem to take a life of their own outside of the actual game, and it’s all thanks to the fans.

You’ll note a few popular threads in the fan art of Gremlin DVA below. According to fans, for example, Gremlin DVA is a part of a larger Overwatch family, complete with moms and dads, all of which are trying to manage DVA’s hunger for unhealthy snacks, or her inability to stop playing video games. It’s all very adorable (yet vaguely disgusting.) Take a look:

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