According to Hammeh, the 4Chan post also said to expect New Year’s skins for Genji and Hanzo and that the Year of the Rooster event would not be a major event, just skins. On the other hand, Hammeh points out that the lore of Numbani, a city with mech and human coexistence, lends some credence to the theory. So far the only concrete link the spider robot design has to lore is through the Sombra short, where it’s connected to Doomfist, a character from Numbani. While some fans are excited for the prospect of Doomfist being the new hero, Jeff Kaplan has said that the new hero “is not who you think it is,” which he repeated today at their DICE Summit presentation. So why not an eleven year old and her spider robot?


It’s always interesting to watch fans try to untangle new information from even the tiniest bits of new lore. The theories about Anchora are pretty fascinating regardless of whether or not they turn out to real. In any case, Efi Oladele is a fun addition to the overall Overwatch story, and it’ll be cool to see how she fits in as more is revealed.