Overwatch Cosplay Lights Up The Darkness

Cosplayer Zibartas—who we’ve seen here before with some top-tier Overwatch work—has truly outdone himself here, building a complete set of Mercy’s wings made out of steel and aluminium, that move and really light up.


Here’s the finished product:

God damn.

If you’d like to see how something like this was put together, Zibartas has made a series of videos breaking down each of the stages of construction, like crafting the metal blades:

Getting all the animatronics and engineering in place:

And lighting them up:



All you professional cosplayers with lot of time and money need to stop!

Every time my son sees one of these things he just assumes his handy old man can build it.

Meanwhile I am in my workshop accidentally glueing my hand to a foam core Mandalorian helmet for the third time today!  :)