Overwatch’s one-year anniversary event is live—that means tons of new Legendary skins, three new arena maps and a slew of new bringing-me-to-tears adorable dancing emotes. Happy birthday, Overwatch, and may each year bring a new iteration of Sombra doing the Shuffle.

First, let’s take a look at some Legendary skins:

And my favorite....

The new dancing emotes are bound to be the most popular anniversary addition to Overwatch. We have Tracer doing the Charleston, McCree doing a line dance and, yes, Reinhardt waltzing:

Roadhog, you are so cute. Yes, you are.

Finally, the anniversary event brings three new and anticipated maps to Overwatch’s popular 3v3 elimination Arcade mode. Here’s Ana Amari’s map, Necropolis:

Here’s Castillo, which overlooks Dorado:

And Black Forest, located right outside Eichenwalde:

Now, let the loot box mining begin! Here’s the trailer for the event: