Overwatch And League of Legends Battle It Out In South Korea

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Overwatch and League of Legends are running neck and neck in the rankings for the most played game at South Korea’s internet cafes.


Last week, Overwatch starting making a move to overtake League of Legends, the reigning PC bang (net cafe) king. As tipster Sang points out, Overwatch edged out LoL late last week by a mere 0.19 percent for the most played game according to respected tracking site GameMetrics.

But look at GameMetrics today, and you’ll see League of Legends takes first place with 29.08 percent, while Overwatch comes in at second place with 28.36 percent. To give you an idea of how big these games are at Korean net cafes, third place is Sudden Attack at 8.89 percent, fourth place is FIFA Online 3 at 5.48 percent, and fifth place is Lineage at 2.99 percent. (Don’t worry, Starcraft is at number six, while Diablo 3 is at number 9!)

As of today, MultiClick, a rival tracking site, has Overwatch at first place at 30.84 percent, while League of Legends is at 29.74 percent. These are razor thin margins, and the real test will be whether or not the Overwatch can win the weekly crown.

According to GameMetrics, League of Legends hasn’t yet been knocked from the weekly top spot. It has been the most played game for 204 weeks straight at Korean net cafes. If any game is going to surpass LoL, it could be Overwatch.

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I haven’t played League since Overwatch came out and I don’t see myself going back anytime soon.