On the gameplay side, Ramattra can play as either a defensive tank, attacking from a distance and using a shield to protect teammates, or an offensive one that goes full berserk mode with his fists and vortex ability. Players can shift back and forth depending on the situation, potentially making Ramattra one of Overwatch 2’s more adaptable heroes yet and a complex force to be reckoned with.


He won’t officially join the squad until the start of Season 2 on December 6, and in keeping with Overwatch 2’s new free-to-play model, he won’t automatically unlock for everyone. While he’ll be available at the start of the season for those who buy the $10 premium battle pass, those who stick with the free one will have to grind to level 55 before they can start using him.

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While not entirely unpredictable, the move has fans continuing to debate the merits of Overwatch 2’s monetization scheme. Players on the game’s Blizzard forum and subreddit continue to complain about the fact that those who pay get access immediately while those who don’t risk losing out if they don’t play enough to reach the required rank (some players estimate reaching level 55 can take up to 50 hours spread over three weeks).

The morale has been so bad among some fans that the new system has even had them pining for the return of earnable loot boxes from the first game. The skin prices have also been high. Welcome to the world Fortnite built.