Don McCabe of the U.K. retailer Chips is on the record with his disaffection for the PSPgo. But he's ramped up his opinion from "not worth stocking" to "will fail miserably.'

Of that, McCabe is "99.9 percent certain," he said to It's certainly not the kind of thing Sony wants to hear through its retail channel.

Extending his remarks, McCabe said Sony's blindly following the example set by Apple's iTunes App Store without considering the actual success of that model and whether it's translatable to this device. He considers digital-only game sales to be a craze similar to the dot-com boom:

"It's going to come, no matter what, but a very small amount of people are actually going to go on to make any money out of it," McCabe said. "One or two will make serious money and they'll be held up as 'you too can do this'. Whenever you see anyone producing fantastic figures, just ask them how much they actually made from it."


"PSPgo Will Fail Miserably" - McCabe []