Overcooked 2 Is Free On Switch This Weekend, If You Want To Be Alone On Valentine’s Day

overcooked 2 nintendo switch
Screenshot: Team17

Have any plans cooked up for Valentine’s Day? From tomorrow through February 16, relationship ruining co-op game Overcooked 2 will be playable at no extra cost for anyone with a Nintendo Switch Online membership—“just in time for Valentine’s Day!”


Overcooked 2 is a game that involves preparing meals in the pressure-cooker environment of a busy kitchen. Players have to gather ingredients, chop veggies, cook meat, wash dishes, try not to burn anything, put out fires if you do, and deliver finished meals to the front-of-house. Levels have various environmental challenges. Oh, yeah, you’re also timed.

Sure, it’s “about cooking.” But, as anyone who’s played can attest, Overcooked 2 isn’t really about cooking. It’s about communication and coordination. It’s about turning up the heat and ramping up the tension. It’s about seeing who has what it takes—and who doesn’t. Overcooked 2 tests the cooperation skill and bonds between people and, ultimately, shatters them like a stack of flimsy ceramic dropped during a dinner rush.

“Just in time for Valentine’s Day!” The people at Nintendo know what they’re doing. May your love be strong enough to survive the gauntlet.

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Staff Writer, Kotaku


Looks like it means that it’s free to play for the weekend.  So it’ll lock out afterwards?