Over Thirteen Minutes of Gameplay Footage from the PS3's Best-Looking Game

Level-5's Ni No Kuni was easily my "game of the show" for 2011's Tokyo Game Show. It's the first game I ran to on opening day, and it's the only game I went and played twice.


If my impressions and some off-screen footage weren't enough to convey how good this game looks, here's 13 minutes of direct-feed gameplay footage from the title's Tokyo Game Show stage presentation.


Narrating things is Level-5's boss Akihiro Hino. For reference, the clip begins with an extended trailer; after a short exchange between the three panellists, the direct-feed gameplay kicks in around 3:10. And just goes on and on and gloriously on.

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Crimson Bands

As much as I love this, which I do, I can't help but long for a Princess Mononoke style Studio Ghibli game. A little more adult, more mature, and suitably epic. Hell just remake a Zelda game in studio ghibli style and I'll settle.