Over Ten Million PSPs Sold, Top Five Games Are...

Total PSP hardware and software sales figures for Japan have been announced. The console itself has shifted over ten million units in the period from December 12, 2004 and August 24, 2008. Software sales-wise, Capcom's Monster Hunter juggernaut is leading the charge. Here's the totals for the top selling PSP games so far in Japan: 1. Monster Hunter 2nd G (Capcom) March 27, 2008 Release: 2,396,642 copies sold 2. Monster Hunter 2nd (Capcom) February 22, 2007 Release: 1,706,387 copies sold 3. Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII (Square Enix) September 13, 2007: 790,705 copies sold 4. Monster Hunter Portable (Capcom) December 1, 2005: 668,964 copies sold 5. Phantasy Star Portable (SEGA) July 31, 2008: 545,242 copies sold The PSP seems to have really taken off in the last two years here in Japan. PSPの国内累計販売台数が1000万台を突破 [Famitsu] [Pic]


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