Over 15 Minutes Of The PS4 Dashboard. Menus, Menus, Menus! [Update]

Whoever said "shoes are the window to the soul" was full of crap. Because system menus are the window to the soul.

They're the first thing we see every time we boot a system up, and are the tools by which we do pretty much everything to do with a console outside of actually playing a game, so they're important.

Which is why this video is important. Because it gives us a very, very long and detailed look at the PlayStation 4's user interface. If all you'd seen previously were squares and little pop-ups, well, here are the real guts of the system.


The video above - captured from a stream, hence the poor quality - actually runs for nearly an hour; you'll need to scan through to find the instances between games where the French hosts flick through menus. There's around 15 minutes' worth of said flicking.

UPDATE: Sony tells Kotaku that the video above has a UI that is "from a debug unit that is not at all representative of the final consumer experience".

So not only was it a crummy video, but the dashboard shown isn't even what we're getting on our retail units next month. Move along, people, move along.

UPDATE 2: The video has been set to private.

Gamekyo Live PlayStation 4 [Gamekyo, via NeoGAF]

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PlayStation menus have come a long way...