Over 13 Minutes of Mass Effect 3 Gameplay Footage

Someone was bright enough over the weekend to not only download the accidentally-leaked Mass Effect 3 beta, but film themselves playing it.


What we've got here, then, is over 13 minutes of gameplay footage from the singleplayer portion of the game. The first half deals with the Reaper invasion of Earth, the second a mission later in the game.


This is exactly what I saw at Gamescom back in August. The opening bit with the Reeapers is really early in the game, so it's not that spoilerish, but the second section comes later thin the game, so be warned.

[thanks Chris M!]

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got some hands on with me3 during the GameX convention here in sweden, this weekend.

And I gotta say.. I was really underwhelmed by it.

Now I only played for a small bit, and only actual gameplay stuff, as in shooting/cover/powers etc.. no story elements.

Personally, I just thought it felt bland, and even more gears of war, then me2 felt.

though my opinion is probably pretty biased, as I'm one of those who really didn't like me2, but loved the first one, and seeing it getting more and more ruined and getting pulled further from it's RPG roots, just isn't fun.

Seeing the underwhelming "biotics" of you're long-running teammates, and all that in a third installment of an RPG.. just doesn't make any sense.